Betsy Ratner

Workshops with Betsyworkshop1

Betsy teaches a special interactive class that leads individuals to personal creative expressions. Participants begin to see challenges as opportunities fro growth.

'Hands On' Explorations with Betsyworkshop2
Journeying and journaling for inner guidance to find your helping spirits for creating your life passions. Included in the sessions are guided imagery experiences for: “Meditation is the soul's perspective glass.”— Owen Feltham.



Teaching 60 teachers with experiential approach to playing with materials from their childhood to find new insightsBetsy Ratner.

"Great fun with terrific results", says Professor Saltman

SCSU was thrilled to have such a fabulous four hour workshop speed by whithout realizing the time while the learning was absolutely amazingly enjoyed. All the evaluations insisted that you come back next year. Thanks and please know that you are hired for double the time next year. —Joyce S.

Thanks so much for sharing your genius and creativity with our group of devoted life long learners connected to the university. It was very enjoyable to see everyone so engaged and enlightend as they took chances with new materials and ideas. I was excited to see the chances. What a talented woman you are and a superb leader and I am lucky to have been able to have you work with us.—Connie


Playing with Senses – An interactive workshop with Betsy Ratner

Participants will write, paint and move as well as meditate, to experience innate guided magical messages.

Following a given procedure, students will be:
Activating their inner emotional guidance system, intuitively. There will be a “knowing”, an honoring and a sharing of each person's unique shining light of truthful self expression.

Through melodic, multimedia methods, moving matter and memories, students messages will flow with energy.

Making insightful, creatively inspired connections through explorations and witnessing, each participant will see that an essential part of life is truly the innate urge for free self expression.

Embodying the gifts of our senses for new learning.